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  • Thomas Jreige

Printers - Delivering bad news

Wishing you all a happy Friday! Printing! Printing! Printing! Do people still use printers? Digitalisation and becoming a paperless workforce isn't that difficult for most businesses. Priorities and time are required.

There have been three (3) Iranian nationals accused of conducting ransomware attacks around the globe and in the United States this week.

An accounting firm, a power station, and a domestic abuse shelter were allegedly compromised by these alleged attackers. A ransomware infection and instructions for blackmail were installed on the computers. Here is where this story differs. As a result, the attackers were able to send instructions to the printers connected to the respective organization's network. The instructions are usually displayed on the screen when the ransomware has been installed.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that even printers are susceptible to attacks, as they have been for many years. The following are a few practical tips regarding printers:

1. Don't use cloud printing, also known as Internet-based printing. In the event that a printer is compromised, it becomes an attack point on the internal network of your organisation.

2. Update the printer drivers and other software as soon as possible. Consult an IT professional if you do not know how to do this. One of the most common causes of printer compromise is the failure to apply security updates.

3. If you wish to install a printer on your organization's network, ensure that it is isolated on its own network. Consequently, if your printer is attacked, and it is located on its own network, you can isolate it, leaving the rest of your network unaffected.

We digitise everything at Cyber Cerberus. It's paperless now. We have a printer that serves only as a scanner. We have tools for digital signatures. Digitising your business isn't difficult, it's finding the time and prioritising it. We can connect you with someone who can help you with this for your organisation.

Once again, I wish you all a happy Friday.

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