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Watchfulness, guardianship and security – that’s how Cyber Cerberus protects organisations in today’s continually evolving cyber landscape.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Cerberus provides services to help organisations through the pre-emptive (Before), during (Tactical) and after (Reactive) phases of your cyber security challenges.

We help you to realise and manage cyber security risks to develop a strong, established and mature cyber security posture.



We provide assessment services throughout the before, tactical and reactive phases of a cyber security event to help you hunt for and assess cyber security threats and exposures to determine or help redefine the cyber security posture. 

Strategy & Planning

We provide strategic and planning services through your cyber security lifecycle. This ensures appropriate and relevant planning occurs in-line with business requirements to protect your organisation’s information and assets.


Incident Response, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Management

We support organisations through cyber security incidents and help identify, understand and develop business continuity and disaster recovery strategies and processes to increase the organisation’s resiliency to cyber events and disasters.

Cyber Security Documentation

We develop and update your cyber security documentation and provide the necessary governance/compliance management services to ensure your organisation meets internal policy and legislative requirements for information protection.


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